DAP Fertilizer Descriptions

DAP (Di Ammonium Phosphate) Fertilizer (nitrogen fertilizer 18-46-0)

Ch-Code: (NH4)2HPO4

N-Rate: 18% min

Phosphorus Rate (P2O5): 46%

Phosphorus %: (P2O5)/ soluble 41% min (89% from 46% P2O5)

Granular size: not less than screen dia. (4mm) and the rest through screen (1mm) of 90%

Moisture %: 1-2

Solubility: not less than 80%

Radioactive concentrates: 2300Bq./Kg max.

Technical Report Series No. 419 Extent Environment Contamination by Naturally Occurring Radiation Material (NORM) and Technological Option of Mitigation.

Granular color: yellow-green or gray-dark gray and according to the production.