Specifications :

All wood surfaces should be made up from plywood, 18 mm thickness covered with Formica from both sides as per the following Dimensions:

  • Front end board: Size: 100x15cm
  • Seat: Size: 100x22cm,
  • Writing surface: Size: 100x40cm
  • Pencil hole: smoothed and covered by sealer
  • Books holder: Wood part Size: 74x30cm, the side is made up from steel with thickness 1.5mm and 13cm height from inside. (15 cm height from outside)

Iron structure made of iron pipe-section rectangular with dimensions 25x50mm and 1.5mm thickness, to be strongly assembled by CO2 welding for the sides of the connection:

  • Rectangular pipe: 4 pcs
  • Seat iron pipe: 2 pcs, the seat from the earth is 40cm high and 70 cm for the writing panel.
  • Ground iron pipe: 2 pcs, size: 78cm(length)
  • Book holder pipe: 2 pcs, height: 70 cm for the writing panel